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D.J. Lenny
55 Idlewood Drive, Wasaga Beach, ON., L9Z 1R4
Phone 705-352-1968
Email: Soundscapes Professional DJs
Dear Friend,

Thank you for expressing interest in Soundscapes Professional DJs. It is our sincere hope that you will trust us with the music for your party or special event. Please read on for a little information about us.

Soundscapes Professional DJs is a disc-jockey service with a difference. With professional DJ experience since 1989, one fact has become clear. Almost anyone can play records for four hours. We do our best to entertain, involve and work our audience. We offer the professionalism and commitment it takes to make your event a very memorable one.

Everyone has attended a function at which the disc jockey got too caught up in what he or she wanted to hear, and ended up neglecting the requests of anyone who wanted something different. With us, that just doesn't happen. While it is impossible sometimes to fulfill everyone's requests, we always do our best to try. With a music library that is updated with more than 100 hit songs every month, we can accommodate everyone's tastes, from grandparents' to grandchildren's, and no one feels left out!

What sets us apart is our ability to bring the fun with us. Enthusiasm is contagious and we pack lots of it. Ultimately, if the DJ isn't having fun, it's very difficult for anyone else to either. Our backgrounds in radio broadcasting and performing arts help us to bring personality to our work. Above all, we love to do what we do. A satisfied audience is the greatest advertising, and the greatest compliment.

To book our services, contact us by phone or email but please be aware, certain dates are high in demand and we are sometimes booked up to twelve months in advance. We usually book on a first come, first serve basis.

Finally, we hope you will find our rates reasonable and this web site informative. Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any additional questions or concerns. References are available upon request. We hope to see you at YOUR next function!

Your friend,

Leonard Owen Sheffield
Soundscapes Professional DJs

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